About Us


Our Story

Mowtown Teen Lawn Care was formed in 2015 to create opportunities for local teens to gain real-life job experience while still in school. 

In early winter 2018, Mowtown came under the umbrella of The Columbia Future Forge, a nonprofit focused on mentoring programs for teenagers that prepare them for real-world situations

All net profit generated by Mowtown is reinvested back into teen job preparation programs and services. 

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Our Founder

Matt Overton is the Minister of Youth and Families at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Vancouver, WA.  As a teen and young adult, Matt's first jobs included being a paper boy, custodian, sales clerk, track coach, tennis instructor, and a warehouse employee. 



Our Crews

All crews are supervised by qualified adult crew bosses. Students are instructed in safety protocols such as use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools. We want our job sites to challenge students mentally as well as physically, while keeping clear boundaries. 

We also subcontract out some jobs, including stonework and sprinkler systems. Our subcontractors return a portion of their profits back into the programs.